We give you a fulcrum

The Committee on Inventive, Rationalization and Patent Licensing Activities of the Association "League for Assistance to Defense Enterprises" held an event in Sevastopol that contributes to strengthening the defense capability of the Russian Federation

The Committee on Inventive, Rationalization and Patent-Licensing Activities, together with the Moscow City Council of VOIR and the International Innovation Club "Archimedes", held events in the city of Sevastopol aimed at strengthening the defense industry of the Russian Federation.

An exposition of inventions and innovative technologies was organized at the Novoye Vremya Invention Salon, where 14 enterprises and organizations of the Ministry of Defense and the Defense Industry of Russia demonstrated 42 projects to the general scientific and technical public.

An expanded meeting of the Committee was held on the territory of the Higher Command School of the Navy. Nakhimov, which was attended by representatives of the army, navy and defense industry of our country. Thanks to the support of the command of the school, an interesting introductory tour of the educational institution was organized. The committee members held business meetings with representatives of Sevastopol and other regional and federal institutions. At the meeting, on behalf of the Moscow City Council, VOIR Dmitry Ivanovich Zezyulin, Chairman of the MGS VOIR, awarded the PMVMU named after P.S. Nakhimov received a Certificate of Honor for the long-term support of the inventors of Moscow. The result of the events was the strengthening of partnerships between the army, navy and defense industry of Russia, which will undoubtedly serve to strengthen the defense capability of our Homeland.

A competitive program organized by the Government and the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol, the NGO VOIR, the Sevastopol RO VOIR, Rospatent, the Eurasian Patent Office and other organizations took place within the framework of the Salon "Novoye Vremya".

Our participants won special prizes, honorary diplomas and medals of the Salon.
Congratulations to our participants: KVVAUL named after Hero of the Soviet Union A.K. Serov, FSBI "16 TSNIII" of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, KVVU named after S.M. Shtemenko, JSC "NIIAS", PMVMU named after P.S. Nakhimov, JSC "Production Association "Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant"named after E. S. Yalamov", PJSC "Severstal", the Peter the Great RVSN VA, the Branch of the Peter the Great RVSN VA in Serpukhov, Gzhel State University, FGKU "12 Central Research Institute" of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, JSC "Russian Space Systems with high awards and we wish you further creative success!