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The International Innovation Club "Archimedes"

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We invite you to join the International Innovation Club "Archimedes" that was created for comprehensive support of active representatives of the world innovation community.

Our goals:
- Strengthening of international economic and professional relations between professionals in the world of innovations;
- Strengthening of relations between inventors, investors and businessmen interested in placement and consolidation of innovative products and services on world and local markets;
- Popularization of invention and rationalization activities;
- Assistance in development of scientific and technical creativity of youth;
- Promotion of inventions and new technologies onto the international market of hi-tech products via exhibitions of inventions, mass-media, programs of encouragement of inventors and owners of intellectual property objects;
- Creation of regional and international incentive programs (systems of fees) for the purpose of moral and material support of inventors and persons promoting creation and implementation of inventions.

The breastplate of the Club "Archimedes", the personal certificate and the club card demonstrate the belonging to the united innovation community living under the Club motto «We are creating the future».

If you share our goals and aims and wish with minimum expenses expand your business and friendly relations up to the worldwide level, we invite you to join the International Innovation Club "Archimedes". Undoubtedly the basis of our success should be all-round support and assistance to each other.

After we get your application for joining the Club, the Club Secretariat will examine it, and, in case of the positive decision and payment of Secretariat services for preparing necessary documents in the sum equivalent to 250 US dollars, you will get the personal Certificate, the breastplate and the club discount card.

Information about you or your company (600 symbols + a photo or a videomaterial) will be placed at the Club official website (www.archimedes.ru) in the register of Club members within 10 days after documents registration. You will become the full member of International Innovation Club "Archimedes" and can take part in its activities, using its entire potential and relations.

Club activities cover all spheres of the innovation process. There are organized and conducted thematic events, exhibitions and salons of inventions, conferences, symposiums, seminars on innovation activities in different countries. There are realized programs on development of the market of innovation products and services. Annually Club members participate in sessions of the Club that are held alternatively in various regions of the planet.

Club activities are based primarily on mutual aid and support. Any Club member, according to the Charter, has the priority right and privileges for participation in congress-exhibition events, programs and projects, organized by the Club and/or by its partners.
Join us and you will get a reliable point of support in realization of your plans!

Dmitry Zeziulin

Chairman of the International Innovation

Club "Archimedes"

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