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MZVA is one of the leaders in inventive work in the city of Moscow

The Moscow plant of high-voltage fittings is the leader in terms of output and assortment of substation and linear fittings offered. Since 2008, the plant has held leading positions in the territorial markets of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and the Baltic among enterprises of this profile. These achievements were achieved largely due to the active inventive and patent-licensing work that is being carried out at the enterprise.

April 13, 2022. The award ceremony of the best inventors of the enterprise with letters of thanks from the Moscow City Organization of the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Innovators took place at the head office of the Moscow MZVA at the address: Moscow, Lazo str., 9 in a solemn atmosphere.

The Chairman of the IGO VOIR Dmitry Ivanovich Zezyulin handed letters of thanks to the specialists of the enterprise to Andrey Alekseevich Karasev, Head of the SIP fittings Department, and Boris Mikhailovich Zhukov, Head of the vibration protection devices and spiral fittings Department. LLC "MZVA" was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Moscow City Organization of the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Innovators "For a high contribution to the development of invention and innovation"

As part of the award ceremony, four more employees received certificates of members of the IHO VOIR
– Isakova Galina Vladimirovna, Technical Director;
– Maksakov Vladimir Mikhailovich, Deputy General Director for Development;
– Petrovichev Vladimir Igorevich, Head of the Testing and Technical Control Department;
– Yudanov Vladimir Evgenievich, Head of the Advanced Development Department.

We congratulate our comrades on the award and wish them further success in scientific and technical creativity!

The chairman of the IGO VOIR Dmitry Ivanovich Zezyulin, the head of the personnel department Olga Ruslanovna Mytsyk and the technical director Galina Vladimirovna Isakova discuss the problems of the development of innovation and patent licensing activities.