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Russian inventors took part in the International Exhibition "ISIF-2023"
For the first time, Russian inventors took part in the International Exhibition "ISIF-2023", which was held as part of the world's largest space, aviation and technology festival TEKNOFEST in Istanbul, Turkey.

The collective exposition of Russian inventors was organized by the International Innovation Club "Archimedes" with the assistance of the Moscow City Organization VOIR and the Committee for Inventive, Rationalization and Patent Licensing Activities of the League for Assistance to Defense Enterprises.

According to the results of the competition program, the Russian inventors of JSC NIIAS, the leading institute of the Russian Railways holding in the field of intelligent control systems and train safety, monitoring and diagnostics of railway infrastructure facilities and the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, won gold and silver medals, as well as two special prizes from the Indonesian Association for the Promotion of Innovation and inventions (INNOPA).

Archimedes gives a fulcrum!

Congratulations to the winners!