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An agreement on strategic partnership was signed between the Belarusian Society of Inventors and Innovators, Minsk and the International Innovation Club "Archimedes", Moscow
On November 23, 2023, the Public Association "Belarusian Society of Inventors and Innovators" (NGO BOIR) and the International Innovation Club "Archimedes" signed an agreement on the establishment and development of partnership relations on a long-term basis by the parties.

The purpose of the NGO BOIR is to unite and coordinate organizations and individuals engaged in inventive, rationalization and scientific and technical activities.

In turn, the goal of the International Innovation Club "Archimedes" is to unite all participants in the innovation process and assist them in realizing scientific and technical potential in all spheres of human activity.

The agreement on strategic partnership between the Russian and Belarusian sides will create a basis for the development of innovation and patent licensing activities at the international level.